Best wireless Bluetooth headphones under 5000

5 Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Under 5,000

 Here are 5 Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Under 5,000 . Wireless headphones are the most blazing pattern in the cell phone adornment world at this moment.


With numerous telephones delivering without a 3.5mm jack and more individuals lean toward a remote music listening experience, Wireless Bluetooth ear headphone requests are flooding step by step.

In this article, we present to you the curated rundown of t best remote Bluetooth headphones in the market with different sticker prices going from just shy of Rs.10, 000.

We have strived our best to discover, audit, and rate various headphones which we discover justified even despite the asking cost. Sit back, unwind, and experience the article to pick yours.

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 Best Wireless Bluetooth headphones under 5000

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One Plus Bullets 2

Nine hours of battery life Overly steady Bluetoothv5.0 availability Quick charging helpBluetooth Connectivity Underlying Microphone 10mm Dynamic Driver Unit Attractive Control Eartips  

Honor xSport Pro  

Bass-weighty sound mark IPX5 water and sweat opposition As long as 18 hours of battery life  

Samsung U Flex

Best Comfort-Fit Earphones Excessively perfect sound yield Highlight rich Samsung Level application uphold As long as 10 hours of battery lifeSweatproof resistance  

Anker Sound Earbuds 

Nano covering for water/sweat opposition aptX codec uphold As long as 10 hours of battery life  

Sony WI-XB400

Spending Bass Heavy Earphone As long as 15 hours of battery life Bass-weighty, clean music yield Inline mouthpiece for sans hands calls  

One Plus is seen as a leader executioner brand famous for its top-of-the-line specced cell phones at a large portion of the cost of other leader cell phones from setting up brands, for example, Samsung and LG.

The One Plus Bullets 2 is a remote in-ear style Bluetooth headphone planned in line with the more for less philosophy of the organization.

Design and Quality:

The One Plus shots remote 2 headphones are intended to cause the clients to feel premium while utilizing the equivalent, like their cell phones.

The slender, level necklace is one of the lightest and agreeable in the section. You won’t even most likely notification the necklace while caught up with tuning into the music.

The earpieces can be attractively joined when not being used.

In addition to the fact that it stays set up, yet additionally delays the music or rejects the calls when joined while playing music or in the middle of the calls.

Speakers and Sound Quality:

The One plus Bullets remote 2 headphones is an aptX affirmed gadget.

This implies it can exploit the higher piece rate aptX codec by Qualcomm to convey more regular sound marks utilizing Bluetooth.

If you have a telephone with appropriate equipment for aptX upholds, you will have the option to appreciate the music in style.

Satisfactory bass and praising better quality notes make music tuning in to a lovely involvement in this best wireless  Bluetooth headphone under 5000


The One plus Bullets remote 2 headphones keep going for 8-9 hours of music playback on a solitary charge.

This headphone bolsters quick energize for fast squeezing. The organization guarantees that with ten minutes of quick charge, you can utilize the headphone to tune in for around 3 hours.

Rather than the old miniature USB charging port, One Plus has given the new USB type C port on this gadget.

Pros & Cons

  • Premium form quality.
  • Solace fit earpieces.
  • Voice collaborator combination.
  • No official IP rating.

Honor is an auxiliary of the Chinese telecom monster Huawei which manages financial plan cell phones and related frill, for example, smart watches and wellness groups.

Evaluated just shy of Rs.3,999, the Honor xSport Pro highlights a coordinated USB type C port plan that disposes of the need of conveying a different link for energizing this remote Bluetooth headphone.

Produced using top-notch plastic materials, the Honor xSport Pro feels vigorous and strong close by.

Design and Build Quality:

The elastic accessory is adaptable and agreeable simultaneously. Since the materials utilized in the development are skin-accommodating, there is no aggravation at all.

As we have just stated, the USB type C connector comes inbuilt with this headphone. Opening the inline distant uncovered the connector which at that point can be connected to an appropriate outlet including a viable cell phone to energize.

Honor has incorporated a few silicone ear tips and supporting snares with this gadget, which can be utilized by your ear size inclination.


  • Bass stage inverter plan and 13mm high-affectability driver with LCP plating brings flooding bass and resonant high pitch
  • Exceptional in-constructed USB-C for Charging and Pairing in 1 Plug
  • The 5-min charge gets 4 hours recess by 3C lithium battery
  • 120mAh battery gets 18 hours recess
  • Low dormancy Bluetooth utilized in the game decreases sound deferral


The xSport genius includes simple to append attractive earbuds. These are advantageous for forestalling the earbuds from tangling around when not being used.

Honor guarantees that these headphones have exceptionally low inactivity that makes it appropriate for messing around.

The organization gives guarantee backing to as long as a year from the date of acquisition of these items.

Pros & Cons

  • Exquisite and satisfying plan.
  • Committed inline mic with three-button distance.
  • Attractive earbuds.
  • A few highlights are selective with Honor cell phones.


Samsung seldom delivers sound items, for example, headphones and earphones with their primary image.

Or maybe, they are extremely dynamic in the fragment with auxiliaries, for example, Harman sound, JBL, and Infinity – all of which we have assessed before.

The Samsung U Flex is an in-ear styled remote necklace headphone evaluated well under Rs.5000 accessible in the Indian market. This is undoubtly the best Wireless headphones under 5000

Sound Quality:

The Samsung U Flex has the most ideal clean stable mark among the others in this rundown of best wireless bluetooth headphones under Rs.5,000.

The bass is adequate and consummately supplements the vocals and high pitch notes.

There is no twisting in sound yield when the volume levels are set to the most extreme.


On the off chance that you are an aficionado of a clean stable mark, the Samsung U Flex is an extraordinary decision for a financial plan under Rs.4000.

With the faultless form quality and enduring battery life, the U Flex will demonstrate justified even despite its asking cost. 

Pros & Cons

  • Adaptable and agreeable accessory
  • Attractive earpiece
  • Responsive control.
  • Thin Cable.

Anker is a notable Chinese organization famous for its capacity banks and Bluetooth speakers.

The Sound core Sound Ear buds Curve remote headphones from Anker is an AptX upheld Bluetooth headphone valued barely short of Rs.4,000.

Design and Build Quality:

The Anker Sound Ear buds Curve has a negligible yet exquisite plan profile that looks satisfying to the eyes.

The fabricate quality is the first rate, without a doubt. Anker has given an incredible degree of scrupulousness in planning this headphone to be agreeable.

The calculated earpiece offers superb solace fit inside the ears and gives great aloof commotion retraction.

The interfacing links are not level but rather appear to be adequately extreme and tough for harsh use.

The body of this remote headphone is covered with an exceptional perspiration evidence layer which ensures the speakers and the headphone in general from harming during your exercise meetings.

AptX Support:

One of the principles favorable circumstances of this remote Bluetooth over different items in this rundown is the aptX codec uphold.

AptX codec upholds from Qualcomm guarantees excellent remote voice spilling with much-preferred lucidity over AAC or SBC codecs.

Pros & Cons

  • Strong development.
  • Agreeable fit.
  • A year and a half guarantee.
  • Older Bluetooth v4.1.

Sony is a notable buyer gadget brand, in India as well as over the globe. Sony items have a committed fan following and the headphones are the same.

The XtraBass arrangement is an uncontrollably effective headphone/earphone arrangement underscoring rich, profound bass. The Sony WI-XB400 is one such item retailing for just shy of Rs.3000.

Plan and Build Quality:

The Sony WI-XB400 is intended flawlessly for astounding wearing solace and strength.

This remote in-ear style headphone is produced using top-notch plastic which is lightweight and skin-accommodating,

The links are level and without tangle. The earpieces, although produced using plastics, have an attractive locking capacity which will keep them set up when not being used.

The in-line distant feels click and responsive, on account of the raised catches which makes this product is best wireless bluetooth headphones under 5000

Speakers and Sound Quality:

The Sony WI-XB400 accompanies 12mm neodymium driver units which sound fantastic.

The lower end bass notes are hefty however perfect. The vocal lucidity and instrument division is comparable to some other headphone in its value range.

The individuals who like tuning in to EDM’s will feel right comfortable with this Bluetooth headphone.


The Sony Wi-XB400 accompanies the most recent Bluetooth v5.0 availability. The remote association is too steady anyplace inside the 10m territory.

The coordinated amplifier on the in-line distance is very acceptable in getting your voice without tangling it with the foundation commotion.

Battery Life:

This spending remote in-ear style headphone from Sony conveys a durable battery life of around 15 hours on a solitary charge.

The battery inside backings quick charging also. You can get around 1 hour of music tuning in with only 10 minutes of charging.

Rather than the customary miniature USB port, this particular headphone accompanies the most recent USB type C port for charging.


Pros & Cons

  • Hearty form quality
  • Level, without tangle link
  • Attractive earbuds
  • Short charging cable

Before Buying Best Wireless Bluetooth headphones under Rs5000

  • Volume controls, ideally on the link, can prove to be useful and spare you tinkering with, or taking a gander at your music player while being dynamic or working out. A few models have an adaptation for Apple or Android cell phones because of the various highlights joined into the 3.5mm fitting.

  • A hard case can secure your earphones and maintain additional connections in control when you’re voyaging. A delicate pocket can be simpler to pack however doesn’t give as much assurance.

  • Spillage is the place sound escapes the earphones and can be heard by others in your region. Open earphones will in general release more stable than shut models with strong external packaging. A few audience members incline toward the airier sound of an open plan as it permits you to hear a portion of the external commotion, while others discover the sound disengagement of the shut models more significant.

  • Proficiency is a proportion of the measure of voltage important to drive the earphones. More effective earphones need less force, yet may be equipped for creating high volumes that could harm your hearing whenever utilized for extensive stretches. Low proficiency may mean the earphones won’t produce a lot of volume with low-voltage gadgets (a little close to home music player for example).

  • Links ought to be sufficiently long to permit you to arrive at a music player or airplane sound fitting association serenely without trapping you in abundance wire. A separable link keeps it out of your way and can be helpful for clamor dropping earphones on the off chance that you simply need to tune in to nothing by any means.

  • Attachments should fit the music player, for example, a telephone, tablet, hello-fi framework, or games support. On the off chance that you’ve purchased an iPhone 7 cell phone, be set up to either move to a remote earphone or utilize the 3.5mm Lightning connector.

  • Cost matters and you for the most part get what you pay for. This implies that as a rule, the more costly earphones and headphones will make a superior showing with sound proliferation.

  • Sound nature of your music matters. Indeed, even the most costly earphones won’t make magnificent music out of advanced documents that have been vigorously compacted or tested at a low rate. To get a quality listening experience you need quality earphones and a decent quality music source.

These are some crucial points on best  wireless Bluetooth headphones under 5000 which can help you to choose the right one for you.

Final Thought:

Utilizing wireless earphones is unquestionably advantageous on the off chance that you can hold up under the costs that accompany it. What you truly need to consider is your utilization. Utilizing it when you’re practicing or preparing outside gives you a high ground over utilizing a wired gadget. It’s likewise a decent choice for gamers who sit a ways off from the gaming framework. Be that as it may, in case you’re the sort who keeps your earphones on all the time tuning in to sound the entire day, you may adhere to the wired ones since they have lesser wellbeing hazards.

So these are some tipes about Best wireless Bluetooth Headphones under 5000 if you have any query regarding this drop us a comment or you can Contact Us » Best Deal Amazon (

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